The story about the formation of the Royal Fanfare Ensemble


The Royal Fanfare Ensemble is the oldest operating trumpet ensemble in Hungary.
Brainchild of the trumpeters Gabor Komlossy and Gyorgy Gucz the quartet was founded in 2002. Its founding members are Gabor Devecsai, Gyorgy Gucz, Gabor Komlossy and Jozsef Szasz.
Year 2003 with commissions flowing in found the freshly-formed ensemble presented with the opportunity to debut at one of the church concerts during the ensemble’s participation in the Trumpet Camp in Balmazujvaros.

In the same year and in February of 2004, another 2 concerts were given in the Church of Thanksgiving, the latter one of which signaled the beginning of a year abound in concerts. The following month a series of season ticket-based chamber concerts were given at the T-Com House of Music. They also developed permanent status as musicians at certain receptions, wedding ceremonies and other events.
From 2005 on they made their appearance as celebrated musicians for a number of prestigious events such as the festival in the Matra Hills entitled ’Music in the forest’ and the gala concert at the Chamber Music and Trumpet Competition in Fehergyarmat.
The ensemble gained the sponsorship of the And&And Musical Instrument Maker and Repairer Ltd.
In 2006 they reappeared at the Festival in Fehergyarmat. What proved to be the biggest challenge in the same year was a concert tour combined with a musical presentation and organised by the Schagerl company, maker of brass intruments.
From the following year the number of independent concerts was on the increase. Also, they performed in such smaller but remarkably music-loving villages as Atany, Parad, Kozard or Matramindszent are.

The group’s professional orientation and repertoire shows evidence of its commitment towards the authentic representation of the reneissance and baroque eras. Opportunities have never failed to arise for them to represent their colorful repertoire. Here are some of those listed without attempting to be comprehensive: the series of events in Budapest, called the Danube Carnival and the Bridge Festival and the reneissance concerts, held in Erdotelek, Dabas and Eger.
Their proficiency is well-demonstrated by the renowned trumpet players, the Liszt Prize holder Levente Bako’s and the Maurice André Competition winner Gabor Boldoczki’s recommendation and support, which they first granted the group with in 2005.